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Tool to work with ADF Files on Mac.
Still in development but works so far for many tasks.

Files can be easily copied to or copied from Image by drag and drop.

When running the app for the first  time you might open the App with a Rightclick + STRG key pressed to prevent MacOS from complaining. :-)

Update 22-09-12 (Version 2.1C)
- Export ILBM pictures to PNG 
- Some more bugfixes

Update 24-01-05 (Version 2.2)

Experimental new Version
- Fixed Dark Mode look
- Fixed Error in IFF/ILBM decode (wrong colors)
- Better handling of international filenames

StatusIn development
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Tagsadf, Amiga, diskimage


Buy Now4.00€ EUR or more

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Thank you for continuing to update this program. I've found it so useful!

Thought this is an windows app and bought :) Nevermind always love to support amiga developers.

Thanks for the update, but unfortunately it does not work under Big Sur. Is it apparently not supported?

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Hi, can you check the new upload.
Still have problems sending the App to the Apple validation server so that the program opens without these strange messages and the need to open it using right mouse + Strg key. 

Unfortunately no improvement. The solution with the CTRL key is known and I already had to use it with older versions.

A friend said: This is not a universal binary and only runs on Apple silicon CPUs - maybe this information will help?

Can you check the new upload. Should be an universal app.

Now it works :) Thank you very much!

"ADFMaster" cant't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software" ... any ideas? I tried the codesign solution below.

Once it comes up with that error, go to System Settings -> Privacy & Security. Scroll down to the Security section at the bottom and there should be an option to load the program regardless.

Hi, try the new uploaded version please... It's all really strange, I will contact Apple if it still doesn't work for you.

I also cannot run it on my MacOS 13.4 because it's detected as malware.
How can I fix this?


Hi, I reuploaded another build. Can you please test if this one is working for you.

Now it works, thank you - I was able to open the file via right-click and CTRL-open.

Hello,  Mac Os 11.2.3 also identifies Adfmaster as malware, any idea about what to do to be able to use it? Thanks!

I could use it by entering this in the terminal!

codesign --force --deep --sign - /Downloads/ADFMaster.app

Did you have to restart the Mac after entering the terminal command?
It's not working on my machine...

The new version seems to work directly, you should try that! 

Can you please check the new reuploaded version for this mistake? Thanks.

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It works directly now :)

It's a great program, thanks for doing it!

Hi, I'm hoping you can help me please - I'm an AMIGA newbie!!... I have ADFmaster installed and running. I'm trying to create a .adf with some .iff (amiga audio files) from my mac to my Amiga 500. I create the .adf but when I load the disk image on my Amiga (using a GOTEK) no files can be seen. If I reload the .adf back into ADFmaster on the Mac, I can see the files but they are not showing up in the workbench on the AMIGA - I presume I'm doing something wrong. Appreciate any advice... Gavin

is there a tutorial/manual?

Hi, can you send me your ADF please.
Sadly I don't own a Gotek to test.
Send to: alphaone1887@googlemail.com

Wow, thanks! This was the tool I was looking for on the Mac after creating a lot of .adf files with the help of the Arduino Amiga Floppy Disk Reader/Writer DrawBridge, created by Rob Smith. Link: https://amiga.robsmithdev.co.uk/ All my Deluxe Paint images and Protracker Modules are safe now and ready for the web!

Hi, glad to hear its useful for you !

Looks great, downloaded it for Monterey and detects as malware? Help please....

Hmm updated the download version, please try this one. 

Thanks for the quick reply! That one is working now....we can delete the previous post if you like

Looks amazing, any plans to port this to a PC please?

Hi, I don't think this is neccessary for Windows.. just use the ADF plugin for TotalCommander for example.

Working very well, thank you! Dark mode support would be great as it is much easier on the eyes. Using v2.1C here.

Thanks for the tool.

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